Top Ten reasons to join MIPA:

  1. MIPA was created, governed, and financed by independent pharmacists.
  2. MIPA is the leading political force in Mississippi for pharmacy issues. We have had a very successful track record promoting legislation to protect independent pharmacies from PBM’s, mail-order programs, and others.
  3. MIPA is very aggressive in the areas of governmental relations and business issues that effect the independent pharmacy profession.
  4. MIPA communicates directly with members via fax, email, quarterly newsletter and our website to keep them updated on the latest developments.
  5. MIPA has a Political Action Committee that contributes to independent pharmacy friendly candidates at the state level and federal level.
  6. MIPA promotes independent pharmacies on a statewide level through paid advertising and earned media relations.
  7. MIPA provides Continuing Education credit at the Annual MIPA Convention.
  8. MIPA promotes the importance and the profession of independent pharmacy on the academic level with the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy faculty and students.
  9. MIPA provides a networking chain that is valuable among its members.
  10. MIPA is one of the premier pharmacy associations in the United States and is leading the way for pharmacy rights.