The profession of pharmacy began with the independent pharmacist. A community pharmacist is an entrepreneur and small business owner. Customer service is the foundation of their business. Keeping their local community healthy is their number one priority.


Mississippi Independent Pharmacies Association was formed in 2002 to provide a unified voice for independently owned pharmacists in public policy discussions. The association was created by independent pharmacists and promotes independent, community pharmacies on a statewide and national level.


MIPA is one of the premiere national associations with an aggressive political agenda to protect independent, community pharmacies. MIPA educates our state legislature, congressional leaders and citizens on the importance of the independent pharmacy profession.


MIPA is keeping hundreds of Mississippi independent and community pharmacies in business by protecting community pharmacies from PBMs, mail order programs, and other harmful business tactics in the pharmaceutical industry. MIPA is taking several measures that will allow your independent, community pharmacy to serve you better.