MS Board of Pharmacy Needs Your Help

As you know, the Board of Pharmacy continues in it’s efforts to protect the citizens of Mississippi as it relates to pharmacy access, safety and services. Part of this endeavor relates directly to Mississippi Code of 1972 § 83-9-6 titled “FREEDOM OF CONSUMER CHOICE IN PHARMACY UNDER CERTAIN HEALTH INSURANCE”. This statute currently lies under the Department of Insurance. We have begun and will continue dialog with the Department of Insurance (DOI) concerning changes in this code section to allow more involvement and oversight of the Board of Pharmacy.

Beginning with the request of House Committee Chairman of Insurance, Gary Chism, the need for documented complaints has been brought to the forefront of the discussion. In dialog with DOI they have said that they do not hear complaints on issues concerning this statute. The BOP has emphasized that Pharmacists becomes the ‘VOICE OF THE PEOPLE’ on these issues. The BOP has offered to provide documented complaints for discussion. This is where your help is needed.

• It must be recognized that these complaint forms WILL BE the driving force of changes to the existing statute(s).
• These complaints must be DOCUMENTED and cannot be made through a phone call to the Board.
• All documented complaints will be studied by the attorneys for the Board of Pharmacy and the Department of Insurance.
• With the opinion of the attorneys, the BOP and/or DOI will determine the appropriate action(s).
• If valid issues cannot be resolved through current statutes then appropriate action, including statute changes, will be determined.
• The ‘strongest’ complaints will be those initiated and signed by the patient.

The BOP is asking you to assist in the ‘capture’ of these Complaints. Since some of the information on the forms may be HIPAA sensitive, the forms need to go directly to the MS Board of Pharmacy.

We must emphasize that this is not a ‘one time’ project. At minimum this should be a constant request for complaints through 2013.

All complaints should be directed to:

Steve Parker
PBM Administrator
P. O. Box 1122
Madison, MS 39130-1122
Fax: 601-605-4144

Attached you will find the revised PBM Complaint form. This has been revised through discussions between the BOP and the Department of Insurance.The complaint form can also be found on the board’s website at